Let’s understand Mindfulness and work on it.


Mindfulness is a practice to be aware of what’s happening in a moment without any judgment.
Mindfulness gives more inspiration and success at work and develops strong relationships.

Now, we all see how a rapidly changing workplace creates stress.
This Stress stops us from doing our best work. I believe human being needs to evolve and interact with each other because our workplace needs those people who can lead with inspiration amid all of this change.

Guidelines of Mindfulness.
These practices will help you find your inspiration, gather courage and confidence, bring strong connections and relationships, and confront the changes with strength and grace.
Let’s first understand the top challenge at work.

Generally, the top three workplace challenges

  • Finding Work/Life balance
  • Managing workload
  • Dealing with co-workers

Finding Work/Life Balance
As we discussed earlier, we find mindfulness, when we understand what’s happening in the present moment, without any judgment. Well, mindfulness indeed changes the structure of the brain.
Brain activity is reduced from the reactionary part of our brain to our rational thinking brain,
So, the question arises.
How can mindfulness help us with our top workplace challenges?
Firstly, it’s necessary to understand or to discover what is truly important to us, by noticing our experiences we realize that what energizes us and what depletes us.
With self-awareness, we can focus on our time when truly matters to us.

Managing Workload
To manage workforce balance, it’s necessary to notice how we can use mindfulness to notice how we work. We notice the habits that are efficient and inefficient where we might need to ask for help. Or that we need to learn to say No.
Well, that’s obvious that mindfulness helps us to see patterns seriously. It also helps us to experiment with new and more effective behavior.

Dealing with coworkers
It helps us to better understanding both ourselves and others. We often need to collaborate with different perceptions or mindsets or styles than us. It opens our minds and using the ability to understand the different perceptions of people. As we are aware that someone of the people may irritate us or ever be difficult to work with. But practice mindfulness teaches us to observe without judgment. It helps us to see and understand people and their needs more clearly.
When we can soften our relations to others and accept the people to just they are and we can better influence and collaborate with them.
There are some of the ways that mindfulness practice and lead ourselves and to lead with others and lead in challenging times.

At last, just wanted to share a technique
Basic Breathing Technique

Name a Physical Object-e.g this is a desk.
Inhale slowly, exhale slowly
Name an object then take a slow breath 3 times in a row.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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