The Skills of Humor!

Well, as we all know we have five senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Most of us have these five senses but No, Wait….

Here is one more elusive sense is the sense of Humor. And, you all know someone in your life who has lacks in sense of humor, the major problem is they don’t even know, they are lacking in sense in humor.

So, if any one of you, doesn’t like to laugh?

Or anyone of you meets someone who says, I hate feeling joy in my body?

Well, humor is necessary or it is a must to have!


In today’s underappreciated, overloaded, stress-filled, sleep-deprived culture, Humor is a necessity to calm the situations.

~Why Humor

Studies show that humor improves your physical and mental health, boosts attractiveness, and improve your leadership skills. Well, this is all true.

It helps you to make friends easily, increase your networking, help you to communicate more clearly, improve understanding, reduce stress, build connections, and trust with people, and So on…

Some of the people have this perception that the ability to make people laugh is somehow encoded in our DNA. But in reality, humor is a skill, we can learn it.

~Improve Humor

Stop just adding Whys in everything. Observe your surroundings. Understand the people’s nature that works with you.

Change your body posture, make yourself relax. Don’t just sit by locking your legs. Make yourself easy. If you make yourself easy, people by your surrounding feels comfortable with you. And hence, this helps you to increase your connection and build trust. And eventually, people start enjoys your company.

Start observing by your daily routine, make a pattern images in your mind. Create a positive and attractive image in people’s minds. Make them remind you for a longer period.

In short, your body posture, expression, action, and your first impression matter a lot.

Stop overthinking, Just Speak. Make a relevant and valuable joke according to your surroundings.

Oh wait,


 Have you guys ever think, where does exactly this comedy come from??

No, Right?

It comes from all unexpected things. It’s all about given surprises.

So for that, creating a positive vibe is something very necessary. Start creating jokes with positivity. But controlling the situation is necessary as well.

This means, you’re free to do comedy but when you see that people are getting hurt from your words, then calm the situation, take care of that person, and add something that makes him happy and enjoyable in the situation. Show them that your intentions are good. Because it’s necessary to connect with people.

Start comedy on people’s strengths, it increases their trust in you and they take comedy as a compliment.