Font Awesome IE9 & IE10 Problem

Recently, I implemented fontAwesome on one of my project, everything looked great except there were some problem with Internet Explorer 9 and 10, sometimes the icon displayed and most of the time they don’t. I looked around and figure out that something wrong with the Font files.

There are 5 files into fonts folder. The .otf, .eot, .woff, .ttf and .svg. The .eot file is used by IE7 and IE8. The .woff file is used by Chrome, IE9 and IE10, however, Chrome will fallback to use the .ttf file.

The reason the icons was not appearing was the Cpanel server which not recognizing the .woff extension MIME type.

The Solutions is very simple. Just add the following line into the .htaccess file.

AddType application/octet-stream .woff

I hope it helps.

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