Converting genesis Child theme to HTML5

As you know, Genesis 2.0 has been released that have the support of HTML5. Not every and previously released themes are HTML5 ready so we will learn how to convert them from xHTML markup to HTML5.

There are some Hooks, and Classes that needs to be changed.


genesis_post_content will change to genesis_entry_content
genesis_after_post_content will change to genesis_entry_footer
genesis_after_post will change to genesis_after_entry

CSS Classes

#header will become .site.header
#title-area will become .title-area
#title will become .site-title
#description will become .site-description

Now open functions.php in a text editor of your choice like notepad++ or Dreamweaver.
add the following snippet:

// Enable HTML5 markup
add_theme_support( 'html5' );

Please note: It’s not recommended to apply the html5 changes on your live or production site, it’s always recommended to create backup of your WordPress files and database before applying any changes.

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