Best VS Code Shortcuts and Productivity Hacks for 2023


In the fast-paced world of coding, efficiency is everything. When every second counts, developers need tools that can keep up with their lightning-speed workflows. This is where Visual Studio Code (VS Code) comes into play. As one of the most popular code editors, it not only provides a robust coding environment but also offers a plethora of keyboard shortcuts and productivity hacks that can significantly speed up your coding tasks. In this article, we’ll dive into the best VS Code shortcuts and hacks for 2023 that can take your productivity to new heights.

Getting Started with VS Code

Before we delve into the world of shortcuts and hacks, let’s quickly get acquainted with VS Code for those who might be new to it. Installing VS Code is a breeze – simply download the latest version from the official website and run the installer. Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted by a clean and intuitive interface that’s ready for action.

Keyboard Shortcuts vs. Mouse Usage

Imagine this: you’re in the zone, writing code, and suddenly you need to perform a simple task like copying a line or navigating between tabs. Do you reach for the mouse and break your flow, or do you utilize a keyboard shortcut that accomplishes the same task in a fraction of the time? This is the power of keyboard shortcuts. They’re not just about saving time; they’re about maintaining your coding momentum.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Let’s start with the basics – navigation. Getting around your code quickly is essential, and VS Code offers a range of shortcuts to make this a breeze. Pressing Ctrl + Tab allows you to switch between open tabs effortlessly. Need to open the terminal? Ctrl + ~ will get you there without lifting your hands off the keyboard.

Code Writing and Editing Shortcuts

Coding is all about writing and editing, and VS Code has your back here as well. To comment out a line, simply use Ctrl + /. Need to duplicate a line? Shift + Alt + Down Arrow is your new best friend. These small shortcuts add up, enhancing your coding experience.

Efficient Code Selection and Manipulation

Selecting and manipulating code efficiently is a hallmark of a skilled coder. Use Ctrl + D to select the next occurrence of the current selection – perfect for quickly renaming variables throughout your codebase. And if you want to swap the positions of two lines, Alt + Up Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow is the trick.

Integrated Terminal Tricks

The integrated terminal in VS Code is a powerhouse on its own. Need to run a command? Simply hit Ctrl + Backtick to toggle the terminal. Clearing the terminal is just a matter of typing clear and hitting Enter.

Version Control and Collaboration Shortcuts

Version control and collaboration are integral to modern development. With shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + G, you can quickly access the Git source control pane. Need to merge? Use Ctrl + Shift + M for a seamless experience.

Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

VS Code’s extensions ecosystem is vast, and many extensions are designed to boost productivity. Take “Bracket Pair Colorizer” for example – it color codes your brackets for easy identification. Installing extensions is a breeze too; press Ctrl + Shift + X, search for the extension, and hit install.

Customizing VS Code

Making VS Code your own is a part of the fun. You can change the theme by pressing Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + T. But did you know you can also create custom keyboard shortcuts? Head over to File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts, and let your creativity run wild.

Search and Find Shortcuts

When you’re knee-deep in code, finding specific pieces of text quickly is crucial. Use Ctrl + F to open the Find dialog, and Ctrl + H for Find and Replace. Want to find in all files? Ctrl + Shift + F has got you covered.

Debugging Made Easy

Debugging is a part of coding, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Press F9 to set a breakpoint, then use F5 to start debugging. As you hit your breakpoints, use F10 to step through your code line by line. It’s like a controlled detective story.

Multi-Cursor Magic

Ever wanted to edit multiple lines at once? VS Code’s multi-cursor shortcuts let you do just that. Hold down Alt and click at different positions in your code – you’ll see magic happening as you type simultaneously across those lines.

Performance Optimization Hacks

As your projects grow, VS Code’s performance matters. To ensure smooth sailing, close unnecessary tabs with Ctrl + W. And if your editor ever feels sluggish, disable unnecessary extensions via the Extensions sidebar.

Staying Updated and Learning More

Technology evolves rapidly, and so does VS Code. Stay updated on the latest features, shortcuts, and hacks by visiting the official VS Code website, checking out online communities like Reddit’s r/vscode, and following coding tutorials on platforms like YouTube and Udemy.


In the world of coding, every second saved adds up to valuable time that can be invested in building innovative software. Visual Studio Code, with its array of shortcuts and productivity hacks, empowers developers to code faster and smarter. By incorporating these shortcuts into your coding routine, you’re not just boosting your productivity – you’re embracing a more efficient and enjoyable coding experience.


Q1: Are these shortcuts and hacks applicable to all programming languages? A: Yes, most of these shortcuts are language-agnostic and work across different programming languages.

Q2: Can I customize the keyboard shortcuts to match my preferences? A: Absolutely! VS Code allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts to align with your coding style.

Q3: Will using these shortcuts make me a better programmer? A: While shortcuts won’t directly make you a better programmer, they will certainly enhance your coding speed and efficiency.

Q4: Are these shortcuts platform-specific? A: No, these shortcuts are designed to work on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Q5: Do I need to memorize all these shortcuts to be productive? A: Not necessarily. Start with a few that align with your workflow, and gradually incorporate more as you become comfortable.

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